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Scent List

Wax Melt Scents

*Scents listed with asterisks are seasonal*


7-UP Pound Cake – notes: lemon, lime, coconut, almond, maple sugar, red berry, cinnamon, vanilla cake, brown sugar, musk

Acqua Di Gio (Type) – notes: bergamot, lemon, orange, melon, aromatic, green, marine, herbal, rose, muguet, violet, musk, patchouli, cedar wood, sandalwood

Almond Biscotti – notes: almond, bakery aroma, dough, sugar, vanilla

Amber & Sandalwood – notes: warm spice, amber, sandalwood

*Amish Harvest* - notes: clove, butter cream, cinnamon, spice cake, vanilla

*Apple Cider Donut* – notes: apple, cider, donut, cinnamon, musk, vanilla, sugar, tonka bean


*Apple Harvest* - notes: apple, clove, vanilla, cinn


Apple Mango Tango – notes: McIntosh Apples, pears, white roses, mango, greenery, tiger lily, floral musks


*Apple Pecan Sage* - apple, pear, banana, cinnamon, sage, clove, cardamom, pecan, vanilla 

Aqua Spa – notes: lily, rose, green, orange, tart lime, ozone

Ares (Black Sea) – notes: plum, clove, leaf, ozone, cardamom seed, floral bouquet, vanilla, amber

Aruba Coconut (Type) – notes: citrus, vanilla, coconut, floral, sandalwood

*Autumn Woods* - notes: lemon, orange, lime, blackberries, carnation, rose, muguet, pine, cedarwood, patchouli, eucalyptus leaves

Baja Cactus Blossom (Type) – fresh flowers, light coconut, musk, sandalwood BBW Type


*Balsam Fir* - refreshing out blend of pine, cedar & warm musk

Banana Cream Pie – notes: sliced bananas with vanilla cream

Banana Nut Bread – notes: banana, walnut, lemon peel, nutmeg, sugar, tonka bean, butter, vanilla


*Bayberry & Silver Oak* - notes: fresh tart cranberries, red apple, black currant, clove, rhubarb, green foliage, cinnamon bark, woody, amber, sheer musks

Be Enchanted (Type) – notes: fresh crips fruit of apple, peach, dew rose, water lily, white cedar, votives, sandalwood, musk. BBW Type

Bear Claws – fresh sweet dough filled with dates, raisins, and nuts

Bedtime Bath – notes: (Lavender Chamomile Bedtime Bath) lavender, musk, eucalyptus

Best Friends – notes: boysenberries, elderberries, pomegranate, strawberries, guava, vanilla

Birthday Cake – notes: sweet frosting, buttery cake, vanilla


Black Currant Absinthe – notes: saffron, apple, black currant, blackberry, vanilla, anise, patchouli, amber

Black Raspberry & Vanilla – notes: lemon, raspberry, black raspberry, strawberry, coconut, peach, violet, honeysuckle, plum blossoms, musk, vanilla


Blackberry – notes: tart blackberries with hints of sparkling citrus


Blue Sugar (Type) – notes: masculine fresh citrus blends with rich patchouli, soft musk, sweet vanilla

Blueberry Muffin – notes: blueberry, strawberry, cherry, orange zests, cinnamon, cake, vanilla, almond, baked muffin


*Blueberry Pumpkin Patch* (BBW Type) – notes: nuts, blueberry, brown sugar, pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, spice, butter, bakery

BOO Berry – notes: blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, sugar

Cactus & Sea Salt – notes: shimmering green cactus, ocean air, sea spray, sea salt, driftwood, sea moss

*Candy Cane* - notes: sweet sugar, vanilla, peppermint


*Candy Corn* - sweet and creamy with a hint of vanilla

Captain Crunch Berries – notes: fruity, sweet berries, vanilla


*Caramel Pumpkin Swirl (type) * - notes: caramel, pumpkin, spices, cream, cinnamon, brown sugar 


Caribbean Teakwood – notes: fresh citrus, light spices of cinnamon and clove on a warm base of amber, vanilla and sweet woody notes

Cashmere Cedar – notes: vanilla sugar, rose, jasmine, vanilla orchid, cedar wood, creamy vanilla, musks

Chocolate Fudge Cake – rich and sweet chocolate cake

Chocolate Orchid – notes: lemon, orange, bergamot, lime, raspberry, peach, jasmine, orchid, chocolate, vanilla, patchouli, amber


*Christmas Cabernet* - notes: bouquet of berries, oak and a hint of christmas spice

*Christmas Cookies* - notes: cinnamon, vanilla, dough, spice, sugar

*Christmas Hearth* - notes: orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, cypress, clove, pine, fir


*Christmas Memories* - notes: orange peel, cranberry, cinnamon, clove, evergreen, pine cones

 *Cinnamon Apple Peach* – notes: cinnamon, peach, clove, apple pie

*Cinnamon Sticks* – the aroma of freshly ground cinnamon bark

Cocoa Butter Cashmere – notes: warm spices, vanilla, tonka, jasmine, coconut, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, musk, cocoa butter

Coffee House – notes: butter, coconut, tonka, vanilla, maple

Count Chocula – notes: chocolate cereal, marshmallows

*Country Bumpkin* - notes: apples, candied yams, cinnamon bark, clove, nutmeg, marshmallow,
sweet cream butter, brown sugar

*Country Christmas* - orange zests, apple, bayberry, cranberry, nutmeg, clove


Cotton Candy - notes: berry, cotton candy, vanilla


*Cozy Cabin* – notes: fir needles, smoked woods, clove, peppercorn, herbal, cedar wood, burnt marshmallows, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musks

*Cranberry Apple Marmalade* – notes: juicy tart apple, bay, cranberry, sweet musk

Cranberry Woods- cranberry, red currant, cinnamon, green leaves, black currant, pine, fir, vanilla

Cucumber Melon – notes: green, floral, musk

Cucumber & Sea Salt – notes: ocean, green cucumber, musk

*Cypress & Berries* - citrus, pineapple, pine, apple, coconut, jasmine, rose, violet, cedar, musk, sandalwood

Downy April Fresh – notes: rose, jasmine, cedarwood, sandalwood

Dragons Blood – notes: citrus, fruity, musky

Dude – (Green Apple Explosion) smells like a tart green apple


Espresso - Imagine sitting in your favorite coffee shop drinking a fresh brewed cup of espresso! 

Eucalyptus Spearmint – notes: mint, eucalyptus, musk

 Far Away Coast – Refreshing clean scent with ocean notes

Fierce (Type) – notes: petitgrain, cardamom, citrus, jasmine, rosemary, musk, oak moss, brazilian rosewood

Fizzy Pop – notes: fresh sparkling water with hints of eucalyptus and orange flower
(flowery, orange, fruit, pop)

Flannel – notes : bergamot, mahogany, musk


Forgotten Melody – notes: citrus, greens, oriental, rose, jasmine, lily, woods, musk, amber, sugar, vanilla


Fresh Bamboo - golden bamboo, sparkling bergamot, red grapefruit, night-blooming jasmine, cyclamen, muguet lily, wild grasses

Frosted Juniper – notes: ozone, camphor, citrus, pine, red currant berry, pear, cherry blossom,
juniper, sage

Fruit Loops – notes: lemon, berry fruit, citrus


Fruity Punch - black cherry, orange, strawberry, pineapple, lime, eucalyptus, violet, lily, clove, vanilla bean

Gain – notes: orange, floral, citrus, woods, musk

Glazed Cinnamon Donuts – notes: clove, nutmeg, ginger, sweetened milk, butter,
caramelized sugared maple

Gnarly - (Watermelon)


Going To The Beach – notes: warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine, mandarin.                                                   compare to Bobbi Brown’s Beach Fragrance

Hot Orange Danish - fresh baked danish with cream frosting


 Huckleberry Sugar Blossom – notes: orange, grape, candied fruits, raspberry, blackberry, gardenia, sugar, musk


 Hung Out To Dry – the aroma of sun dried linens


Kudzu Blossom- floral, fruity, jasmine, musk

*Leaves* - notes: green stem, lemon, cedar leaf, pine, spiced fruit, floral melange,
earthy musk undertones


Lord of Misrule – notes: rich patchouli, warm sandalwood, citrus, vetiver, hints of black pepper

Love Spell – notes: peachy, fruity, floral, white musk

Lover Boy (The Perfect Man) – notes: japanese grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, ginger, peppercorn, jasmine, aquatic marine, peppermint, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, frankincense

Macintosh Apple – notes: green leaves, pear, apple, vanilla, bourbon

Mahogany Teakwood – notes: lavender, geranium, mahogany, cedar, oak


Mango Sorbet – uplifting, energizing blend of ripe mango, juicy lemons, and red raspberries


Marshmallow Fireside (BBW Type) – toasted marshmallows, creamy vanilla, campfire aroma

Marshmallow Fluff – This is a sweet scent that smells just like it’s name sake.

Midsummer Night – notes: citrus, bergamot, green, herbal, aromatic, spice, cedarwood, sandalwood

Moonlight Path – notes: violet, lavender, vanilla, jasmine, amber, musk, sandalwood


*Mrs. Claus Cookies* - fresh baked sugar cookies with buttercream frosting and notes of vanilla extract

Nag Champa – notes: patchouli, sandalwood, dragon’s blood

Oatmeal Milk & Honey – notes: hawthorne, french vanilla, soy milk, almond

Ocean Mist – notes: aquatic, citrus, green, spicy floral, wood, sea moss, sea salt, musk, sweet amber

*Ode to Fall ( Pumpkin Gingerbread)* notes: nectarine, orange zest, mandarin, ginger, marzipan, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, baked brown sugar, tonic

*Orange Clove* - fresh orange slices with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove


Palo Santo (BBW Type) – palo santo wood, warm amber and soft musk


Pear – freshly sliced pear with hints of peach and green apple

Peppermint – crisp, clean true peppermint

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – notes: pineapple, cake, butter, orange zest, brown sugar

Pink Lemonade – notes: lemon zest, tangerine, pineapple, apple, peach, watermelon, cassis, mixed berries, cucumber, dewy greens, sugary sweet, sheer musks

Pink Sugar – fruity blend of cotton Candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam, musk

Pizzelle – a traditional Italian waffle cookie with vanilla and lemon zest


Powder Room - soft violet powder with light floral notes of peony and alyssum flowers.  Reminds me of Loves Baby Soft (Type) perfume.

*Pumpkin Apple Butter* - notes: orange, apple, pear, pineapple, cherries, pumpkin, cinnamon,
nutmeg, clove, vanilla

*Pumpkin Chai* - notes: lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin, clove, ginger, vanilla, sugar,
tonka bean, baked crust

*Pumpkin Crunch Cake* creamy pumpkin pie with rich eagle brand milk;
yellow cake, melted butter, pecans and spices

*Pumpkin Pecan Waffles* - notes: pecan ,butter, maple

*Pumpkin Souffle* - notes: ginger, allspice, cinnamon, pumpkin, brown sugar, nutmeg,
clove, molasses, vanilla

*Pumpkin Spice Latte* - notes: butter, cinnamon, coconut, tonka, black coffee

Radical (Grape)


Rain – summer rain, dew drops and meadow mist

Rain & Angelica (Type) – notes: citrus, florals, cedar, sandalwood, musk, tanka, amber


Rainstorm – fresh air, dew and subtle notes of florals after a summer rainstorm

*Roasted Pine Cone* - crisp pine with backgrounds of sandalwood, vanilla, and raspberry


Rosemary Mint – notes: citrus, eucalyptus, rosemary, green, herbaceous, cedar, patchouli


Salt Water Taffy – notes: raspberry, strawberry, banana blended with sweet sugar, wild berry and cherry on a bed of creamy vanilla taffy


Salty Mariner - notes: musky sea weed, green ozone and salty sea breezes 

Seaside Serenity – notes: citrus, apple, pineapple, red fruits, peach, melon, green leaves, aquatic, marine, ozonic, jasmine, muguet, rose, galbanum, violet, musk, fresh, woods

Shave & Haircut – notes: warm spice, bergamot, fresh, clean, cedarwood, musk


Spearmint - refreshing, minty spearmint…Strong & true to its name


*Spiked Eggnog* - notes: citrus, alcohol, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, vanilla


Strawberry Cheesecake – notes: strawberry, cream, crust


Strawberry Cupcake – fresh baked strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Strawberry Raspberry Guava – notes: strawberries, raspberries, guava

Strawberry White Cake – notes: white cake, strawberries

Sugar Cookie Royale – notes: sugar, bakery, dough, butter, vanilla


Sugar Waffle Cone – notes: vanilla sugar, sweet buttercream and wafer cookies

Sundance (Beachwood) – notes: lemon, eucalyptus, fir needle, peppermint, cedarwood, sandalwood, clove, oak moss, tonka bean, musk

Sunrise Delight – mocktail scent of orange juice and strawberries

Supernova (Type) – notes: grape, fruity, rose, geranium, musk, earth


 *Sweater Weather* (BBW Type) -– notes: fresh air, spearmint, pine needles, winter berry, wood, moss, vanilla musk

Sweet Pea (Type) – notes: juicy berries, ripe pears, spring florals, soft musk, light woody notes BBW Type

Tea & Cakes – notes: lemon, lime, orange, rosewood, vanilla, tanka, maple


 The Gentleman – notes: Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, marine notes, hint of peppermint – sitting on notes of patchouli, cedar and frankincense

Thousand Wishes – notes: sparkling, floral, vanilla, amber, sandalwood


*Toasted Marshmallow* - fruity, creamy, vanilla marshmallow


 Tobacco & Oud – notes: crushed clove, fresh timber, black salt, patchouli root, black rose, tobacco leaf, grey amber, vanilla, sparkling musk, agarwood oud; Essential Oils: patchouli, cedar wood, clove leaf

Totally (Cherry Bomb) – very cherry!!

*Twice The Spice* (Nutmeg & Spice) notes: butter, almond, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, tonka


 Vanilla Bean Warm Noel (BBW Type) – notes:  sweet vanilla sugar cookies blended with roasted marshmallow and a hint of caramel


 *Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow* (BBW Type) – notes: creamy vanilla, spiced pumpkin, and fluffy marshmallows with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg

Vanilla Cake Pops – notes: cake, frosting

Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee – notes: coffee beans, vanilla hazelnut

Vanilla Lace (VS Type) – notes: vanilla, musk

Vanilla Lavender – notes: fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, orange zests, patchouli

Viva La Juicy (Type) – notes: warm musk, golden amber, light citrus, spring flowers, woody background

Volcano Capri Blue (type) – notes: fruity, watery, tropical, foliage, exotic, driftwood


Wash..Rinse..Repeat - notes - forest fresh green leaves, lemon zests, fruity notes of peaches, apples, and pineapples. A very fresh fragrance!! Compared to the smell of Biolage Shampoo


Watermelon Cake – fresh watermelon and decadent cake

Welcome Home – notes: wood chips, pine needles, vanilla beans, cinnamon bark, green apples, mint leaves, powdery musk


Wild Currant Sandalwood - notes: clementine, grapefruit, blackberries, wild fig, black currant, and passion fruit surrounded by base notes of precious woods, sandalwood, vanilla and metallic musk.


Wildberry Mousse – notes: wild berries, brandied cherries and figs, floral carnation, spice, vanilla,
cotton candy

*Winter Candy Apple* - notes: apple, orange zest, floral, oak moss, sweet

Wintergreen Spearmint – notes: spearmint, minty fresh, vanilla, menthol

Zucchini Bread – notes: sweet bread, cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg; blended with zucchini

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